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We started our business in 1995 following the establishment of Wöhlermann, Lorenz i Wspólnicy sp. z o.o. Law Firm. ATS Law Firm is the successor to this Law Firm. We have a strong position in the legal services market and extensive experience in handling commercial, civil, labour, copyright and insurance cases.

We have knowledge and experience regarding running businesses in Poland. This enables us to effectively solve the problems faced by both Polish and foreign enterpreneurs, particularly as regards contacts with Polish contactors, State administration and local government agencies. We offer international law services, including the European Union law

16 years of experience
enable us to solve most of the problems faced by enterpreneurs.

of our law firm supported by flexibilility and ability to resolve, by itself, all legal problems regarding business activity.

Our law firm specialises in civil, commercial, insurance related and copyright law. We lay stress on knowledge of German law and real estate trade.



Our Law Firm is Client-oriented. Our team is made up of experienced lawyers, who not only have top formal qualifications, but also excellent litigation and decision-making skills. Our Clients have unrestricted access to documents and legal opinions and are promptly informed of any steps taken in the cases entrusted to us and their outcome. We are fluent in English, German and Russian.

In the event of litigation we represent our clients in court. We also assist in resolving disputes amicably by way of negotiations or proceedings before conciliatory courts.

We also offer comprehensive service and vindication of dues, representation in liquidation, bankruptcy, reorganisation and registration (National Court Register) proceedings, as well as in proceedings pertaining to land and mortgage registers and other court proceedings.

High standard
of client's legal service by allowing our customers to have unrestricted access to all documents and contact with a lawyer conducting each case.




As a partner of the international Wöhlermann, Lorenz & Partner Legal Group in Germany, we are professionals with all the necessary qualifications needed for rendering legal services to domestic and many international Clients. Thanks to our ties with foreign law firms there are no geographical or language barriers hampering us in resolving Clients' problems.

We are a legal firm recommended by the Polish Chamber of Importers, Exporters and Cooperation in Poznań, which associates enterpreneurs operating in many different sectors. We participate in the consulting and training activity pursued by the Chamber, which gives us up-to-date information on the legal problems faced by enterpreneurs in Poland and spurs us to find ways of resolving them effectively.